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Collectible coins
rachelmanija wrote in con_or_bust
OFFERED: An assortment of random coins from non-US countries, plus a vaguely collectible US coin or two. Countries include China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, England (before euros), Europe (after euros), and probably more.

Actual value: probably under US $15; value in enjoyment and armchair traveling: incalculable!


I love this.

Reminder, everyone: bidding opens Wednesday 2/24, not now!

but but but but but!

(you will post a note reminding people they can come back and bid, yes?)

Of course! And go through all the posts where people bid early and remind them individually, too, because I am _just_ _that_ obsessed, err, dedicated.

England never converted to Euros :).

But this is a neat auction.

(And I'm still trying to remember who was looking for non-US coins recently!)

You have won! Please send me proof of purchase and your mailing address.

Ack, I can't DM you. I've forwarded proof of purchase and my mailing address to the email address on your website; ping me if that fails to get through.

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