Con Or Bust: Helping Fans of Color Attend SFF Cons

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new free con memberships: TGIF/F; OryCon
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kate_nepveu wrote in con_or_bust
Originally posted at Con or Bust by Kate Nepveu. All comments must be made there.

Fans of color/non-white fans, I’m pleased to announce the following new memberships to upcoming cons:

  • TGIF/F, April 7-9, 2017, Los Angeles, CA, USA. TGIF/F is a multi-fandom femslash convention designed to bring together various fan communities to build connections, encourage discussion, and create art; its programming includes panels on SFF genre works, fantasy, video games, and more topics of SFF interest.

    TGIF/F has donated five passes to Con or Bust, which are available now, first-come first-serve.

  • OryCon, November 17-19, 2017, Portland, OR, USA. OryCon is Oregon’s premier, fan run, annual science fiction/fantasy convention held in Portland since 1979. Its Guests of Honor are Timothy Zahn; Briana Lawrence (Brichibi Cosplays) and Jessica Walsh (Snow Tigra); David Boop; and Sarah Clemens.

    OryCon has donated ten memberships to Con or Bust, to be claimed by October 31, 2017. These can be requested during February 15-25, 2017 (the upcoming request-assistance period).


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