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Update & neglected auctions
wood cat
kate_nepveu wrote in con_or_bust
Hi all—

Thanks for offering such fabulous things, for spreading the word, and for bidding.

We currently have ten people (ETA because I can't count) requesting assistance from Con or Bust, with a few more interested if there turns out to be sufficient funds. Under our current estimates, we are running about $300 short of meeting those requests. [*] (And, since flight prices tend to change over time, I would be much happier if we had a cushion over that estimate.)

So, please keep spreading the word! The auction doesn't close until this Saturday at 11:59 p.m. Eastern, so there's still time to bid (and list items, if you like).

Here's the auctions with 0-2 bids, if you're looking for potential bargains (how to bid). And feel free to comment here with auctions you think are neglected, regardless of the number of bids.

No bids:

* Original music composition by etothey

* Two SF novels: Makers by Cory Doctorow (hardback); Chasing the Dragon by Justina Robson (trade paperback)

* Four SF/F novels:: Naamah's Kiss by Jacqueline Carey (trade paperback); Traitor's Gate by Kate Elliott (hardback); Nova War by Gary Gibson (hardback); Wake by Robert J. Sawyer (trade paperback)

* fanfic by deepforestowl

* Chimera Fancies Pendant

* Gemstone Amulet Necklace

* WordPress website design and launch, including original art

* Antiquarian book: Edgar Allan Poe, Tales of Mystery and Imagination

One bid:

* Comic script by rachelmanija

* Two SF novels: The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi (hardback); Total Oblivion, More or Less by Alan DeNiro (trade paperback)

* ARC of Spirit by Gwyneth Jones

* ARC of Hyddenworld by William Horwood

* fanfic by etothey

* 2yr subscription to Icarus: The Magazine of Gay Speculative Fiction

* Stargate SG-1 seasons 1 and 2 DVD box sets

* Homemade pralines by thette

* Moroccan Door necklace

* Rumballs, two sets

* Custom-Made Necklace and Earrings or Ear Cuffs, two sets

* Custom-Made Ear Cuffs, Pair (Same or Different), three sets

Two bids:

* Hand-pulled linocut "Reeds"

* Encyclopedia of British Women's Writing 1900-1950

* guest post on's Lord of the Rings re-read

* "Slightly Behind & to the Left" by Claire Light

* podfic recording (up to 25k words) by general_jinjur

* poem by literatewench

* Songs of the Dying Earth

* Homemade hot drink mix by teaberryblue

Also, these auctions have changed since they were first posted:

* two copies of The Shadow Speaker with full-page drawing by author: the two copies are now being offered separately.

* Handmade Natural Skin Care: now includes a bonus pair of custom hand-made earrings using Swarovski crystal beads.

* ETA: "Slightly Behind & to the Left" by Claire Light: more detail, including an image of the cover

[*] Yes, people can still request assistance. If we don't end up with enough money, I will ask people to reconsider/confirm their budgets and then, if necessary, prioritize requests based on people's history, opportunities, and enthusiasm.

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