fizchick (fizchick) wrote in con_or_bust,

Offer: Custom hand-knitted hat

Item Name & Description: Custom hand-knitted hat

Starting Bid: $20

Notes: Offer is for a hand-knitted hat, colors and pattern to be determined upon consultation with the winning bidder. Samples of my previous work can be seen here. I am a reasonably experienced knitter, and I am happy to do 2-color work, cables, or stripes as desired. Knitted item will be mailed from the US to anywhere in the world within 2 months after we have agreed on a yarn and pattern, for hats similar to those in my flickr album. More complicated hats may require 3 months. Winner should specify desired hat circumference (IN INCHES) and general color palette (ie. pinks/yellows/pastels, blue/terracotta/earth tones, black/green/bold tones). Exact colors will depend on availability at yarn store and/or in my stash. Default yarn is 100% merino wool in a worsted or bulky weight, but I'm willing to work in other fibers as desired. PLEASE SPECIFY ANY KNOWN FIBER ALLERGIES or yarn preferences; please add an additional $5 to your final con-or-bust donation if you want some super-fancy silk-cashmere-angora-vervet blend yarn or select an expensive/difficult to obtain pattern.

E-mail: fizchick [at] yahoo [dot] com

Bidding is now open and ends Sunday, February 25, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Tags: 2012 auction, offer: custom-made, offer: handmade, offer: hat, offer: knitted goods, offer: knitting

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