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Con Or Bust: Helping Fans of Color Attend SFF Cons

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Lindskold, Nine Gates (ARC)
wood cat
kate_nepveu wrote in con_or_bust

Item name/description: ARC of Jane Lindskold's Nine Gates (August 2009)

Starting bid: none

Auction ending: 13 April 2009, 12 noon Eastern

Notes: Uncorrected advance reading copy of the second book in the "Breaking the Wall" series (started with Thirteen Orphans) forthcoming August 2009.

Description from the back cover of the ARC:

As evocative and moving as Charles de Lint's Newford books, with the three-dimensional protagonists and enthralling action of Mercedes Lackey's fantasies, Nine Gates makes our world today as excitingly strange and unfamiliar as any fantasy realm . . . and transports readers to a wondrous magical world drawn from Chinese lore and legend.

Brenda Morris has barely had time to become accustomed to the idea that she has some of the powers of the Rat, a member of the Chinese Zodiac; that her elderly, former child-star "aunt," Pearl, is the Dragon; and that the young African-American former soldier she trains beside is the Dog. Brenda has learned that our world is not the only world and that her not-quite-Chinese ancestors came from a magical place, the Lands of Smoke and Sacrifice, created thousands of years ago by the destruction of China's books and scholars during the time of the first Emperor.

Now, generations later, the Lands are once again at war, and the magics of the Thirteen Orphans are desparately needed. A mission to capture those powers went disastrously wrong and now the Lands' Dragon, Tiger, Snake, and Monkey are trapped on Earth unless the Orphans can build the Nine Gates. To do that, they must first save the Four Guardians of the Land Between, who are under magical attack. Complicating things is the fact that Brenda has fallen hard for the handsome man who is the Tiger, much to the distress of the sensual young woman who is the Snake.

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Congratulations, you've won! Send payment per the directions in the comm userinfo; either with the payment, or in a separate e-mail, send me your mailing address and any special requests (I will generally ship U.S. Mail, First Class, but if you want something else we can talk). Thanks!

PS: Please note that the payment instructions at the community userinfo have been updated, so let me know if you have questions. And thanks!

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