kelljones (kelljones) wrote in con_or_bust,

1 Hour of Research Time

Offer: Research Assistance
Item name/description: 1 hour of professional research time
Starting bid: $5

Need help researching the history of pocket knives/petits fours/the anti-Chinese riots in the 1880s in Washington State/Shirley Chisholm for your latest book?
Want to find ten books your nine-year-old would love?
Curious what other published Cinderella retellings are out there?
Looking for a song/book/movie/article, and you can't remember the title/author/performer/topic?
Working on your list of 52 books by People of Color to read in 2009, and want even more titles?
Or, do you want tips, ideas, and sources to improve your own research?

I have a Master's degree in Library and Information Science and I'm not afraid to use it!

Auction ending: April 13, midnight, EST (sorry, should be EDT, or the current type of Eastern time!)

1. The top three bidders will each win one hour of research time at their bid price.
2. Your bid commits you to one hour only. However, if any of the winning bidders wish to request more hours (up to five each) at the same winning price they bid (payable to the con_or_bust WisCon FOC Assistance Program, of course), they may contact me.
3. Research request(s) must be made by 12/31/09.
4. One-week turnaround from time of research request, though I'll do my best to finish them more quickly.
5. I cannot guarantee an answer to every research question in an hour. If your request seems too complex for the time, I'll discuss it with you when you make the research request. If I still can't find the answer, I'll contact you with the information I did find and the sources I checked.
Tags: offer: research, please note limitation in offer

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