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offer: We cook, you eat (or, A Programmable Dinner)
wrdnrd wrote in con_or_bust
Item Name & Description: the_andy joked aloud on Twitter about offering this  for Con or Bust, and Twitter made the mistake of encouraging us.  So....  Here we go.  Andy the Adventure Chef says:

This auction is for a 3-ish course meal for 2-4 people[1], available in the Seattle (at my house or yours) or Portland greater metropolitan areas, or in Madison over the WisCon weekend.

People keep asking me to cook for them, and I like to do so, so this is your opportunity to get in on it. I will cook almost anything (though I will refuse a suggestion if I do not feel comfortable enough with the recipe or techniques to guarantee a good meal). I can cook vegetarian and vegan easily and am pretty confident I can meet other dietary requirements if you spell them out for me. We can work out a meal together or you can tell me what you like and I'll do something fun.

I will provide all ingredients and cooking implements[2], though if you wanted to toss a bottle of cheap red wine my way while I'm cooking I won't say no.

This meal can be cooked for you any time over the next 12 months, although I am not available for major holidays (Thanksgiving, most of December, New Years, Valentine's). Also, we have travel already scheduled in mid-March, late May (WisCon), late June, and mid-late August.

wrdnrd will be providing a post of our past exploits[3] so you can see some of what I've done.


[1]  If the bid goes high I'll cook for more people or make more courses.  Also, I'm willing to scale down: if you just want me to make wontons and other snacks all night for your gaming group I'm more than happy to.

[2]  Except over WisCon: I will require either transport to grocery stores or you'll need to shop according to my list. Also since I'm not hauling my pans on a plane I will require an accounting of your kitchen situation ahead of time.

[3]  Note from Wrdnrd:  We'll have a list available on my blog within the next 24 hours.  For now, 2 examples to tempt you -- these are dinners we made for friends in the past few months:  (a) a 4-course dinner -- salad, gazpacho, beef tenderloin w/ peppercorn sauce (sides: fresh vegetables; mushroom risotto), homemade vanilla ice cream w/ brownies; (b) a 5-course izakaya-style dinner with sake.
Here are some examples of the_andy's cooking (and there are a few more things i'd like to add tonight).  Also, a note if people are in Seattle and interested in coming to our place:  This would limit the dinner party to 4 people maximum (small dining table); also, allergy warning for our 3 cats.

Starting Bid: $50

Notes: Note caveats and restrictions in item listing above.

E-mail: chris @ wrdnrd . net

Bidding is now open and ends Sunday, February 26, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. EST. How to bid.

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Re: Use this thread to BID BID BID!

DAMN. Um, i mean, OKAY! ;)

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