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auction bargains!

Updated 1:30 p.m. February 25.

I have for you two lists of auctions: first, auctions with two or fewer bids; and second, auctions that have more than two bids but nevertheless seem to have attracted less attention than I would have expected. Why not take a look at these lists and see if you've overlooked something of interest?

(Copied from my spreadsheet; format: {auction URL} — {poster username} {title of auction post}.

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/95974.html — lectoreloise Offer: Gluten Free Baked Goods

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/97190.html — kate_nepveu Offer: Star Wars Frosted Sugar Cookies

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/99032.html — mjlayman Offer: Mermaid Necklace & Earrings

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/99200.html — mjlayman Offer: Fortune Teller Necklace with alternate pendants

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/99552.html — nikis_web Offer: Elements for upcoming novelette set in the Dorgian Galaxy

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/101935.html — jaebi_lit Offer: audiofic

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/102728.html — coalescent Offer: Epic fantasy novels

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/105336.html — rachelmanija Offer: Beautiful hardcover Neil Gaiman/Dave McKean picture book

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/109977.html — kate_nepveu Offer: ring scarf by elisem

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/110849.html — squirrel_monkey Offer: Wardrobe refresher

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/114381.html — wirewalking Offer: signed copies of Desideria, The Winter Triptych, and Demon Lovers and Other Difficulties

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/114748.html — kate_nepveu Offer: Josephine Baker figurative stool

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/115156.html — kate_nepveu Offer: custom figurative stool

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/114130.html — ralan01 Offer: Chapbook with illustrations

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/117684.html — fantasyecho Offer: Mansfield Park & Mummies, by Jane Austen and Vera Nazarian

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/117807.html — fantasyecho Offer: Books - Pride&Prejudice&Zombies + Sense&Sensibility&SeaMonsters + Android Karenina

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/118563.html — magpie49 Offer: Isaac Asimov Science Fiction Magazine 1990

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/118851.html — magpie49 Offer: Purple Shell Stitch Hat and Scarf

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/119499.html — rosefox Offer: People of the Big Voice: Photographs of Ho-Chunk Families by Charles Van Schaick, 1879-1942

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/119719.html — rosefox Offer: Fandom Unbound: Otaku Culture in a Connected World

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/120068.html — fantasyecho Offer: "Queen Victoria, Demon Hunter"

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/120660.html — fantasyecho Offer: The Space Opera Renaissance

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/121176.html — fantasyecho Offer: Faerie-themed set of books!

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/121843.html — fantasyecho Offer: Mirrormask novella by Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/122447.html — fantasyecho Offer: set of 2 books: Strange Pilgrims & Full Woman, Fleshly Apple, Hot Moon

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/122760.html — fantasyecho Offer: JOURNALISTAS, 100 Years of the Best Writing and Reporting by Women Journalists

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/122950.html — fantasyecho Offer: 2 religiously-themed books

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/124020.html — kate_nepveu Offer: short story critiques by Nisi Shawl

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/124404.html — kate_nepveu Offer: Alien Diplomacy by Gini Koch (ARC)

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/125063.html — kate_nepveu Offer: City of the Lost by Stephen Blackmoore (ARC)

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/125424.html — kate_nepveu Offer: Magebane by Lee Arthur Chane (ARC)

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/125879.html — ecbatan Offer: Three ARCs of Horror Anthologies from 2011

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/127529.html — rachelmanija Box of Fashion Jewelry

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/127474.html — kate_nepveu Offer: Dark Matter: Reading The Bones (signed by Andrea Hairston)

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/129416.html — janni Offer: Three Young Adult SF/Fantasy ARCs

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/127965.html — wild_irises Offer: Contract Consultation

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/128038.html — wild_irises Offer: Limited Diet? Special Meal

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/129637.html — kate_nepveu Offer: The Taken by Vicki Pettersson (ARC)

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/130145.html — kate_nepveu Offer: By The Blood of Heroes by Joseph Nassise (ARC)

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/130804.html — nijireiki Offer: Stan Lee autographed NYCC '11 Program Guide

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/132181.html — deepad Offer: 12 separate Indian comics and graphic novels (some signed by creators)

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/132436.html — alankria Offer: Moxyland by Lauren Beukes

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/132684.html — alankria Conjunctions 52: Betwixt the Between

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/133249.html — alankria Once on a Moonless Night by Dai Sijie

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/133724.html — alankria Postscripts, Winter 2007

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/134411.html — oyceter Alex Spring Design ereader (used)

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/134709.html — wrdnrd offer: We cook, you eat (or, A Programmable Dinner)

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/134399.html — chr0me_kitten Origami Cicada Magnet Trio

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/135496.html — oracne Offer: The Duke & The Pirate Queen by Victoria Janssen, signed, plus draft pages

Auctions attracting less attention than I'd expect:

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/96613.html — kate_nepveu Offer: The Bone Key, Sarah Monette (signed)

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/106303.html — kate_nepveu Offer: The House of Discarded Dreams by Ekaterina Sedia (signed)

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/106535.html — kate_nepveu Offer: Heart of Iron by Ekaterina Sedia (signed)

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/106765.html — kate_nepveu Offer: A Fire Upon the Deep by Vernor Vinge (rare first edition)

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/112383.html — tool_of_satan Offer: Snow Crash hardcover

http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/116484.html — sheffsfic Offer: Jelly Babies! (British food package)

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