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Offer: The Bodleian Game

Item Name & Description: The Bodleian Game is a board game commissioned by Oxford's Bodleian Library back in 1988. It was designed for them by Sara Finch and Leslie Scott, the latter of whom designed Jenga (the two of them did various other titles as Oxford Games).

As the sheet from the back of the box says:

Evoking memories of hours spent in scholarly pursuit, players are given a subject of research and told to compile a bibliography made up from books to be found in the Bodleian and its dependent libraries.

Throughout the game 'readers' are confronted with the familiar frustrations of, for example, finding that a book called is "out to another reader" or "not in place" and with having to deal with such distractions as being tempted away from work into the Kings Arms.

This unique and entertaining game comprises a set of of 105 [actually 102] cards, each portraying a different book; a board representing the libraries and their reading rooms; and chance cards and playing pieces for up to six participants.

The 102 cards each have pictures of the books in question (generally a title page). The game requires you to navigate the Bodleian's somewhat arcane cataloging system, so you get to learn that as a bonus (assuming they haven't changed it since 1988).

The game was sold by the Bodleian for a while, but not for many years now, and as one might expect it is extremely hard to find a copy in the US.

The box has minor scuffing. The contents are in fine shape, with only a few record sheets used. The box inserts (scored cardboard which is supposed to hold the cards) have fallen apart a bit (the cards are bagged).

Starting Bid: $100, since it's just a few hours until the end

Notes: I will mail the game within a few days after payment notification. I will require additional payment to mail it outside the US (and it will probably cost a lot, I'm afraid).

E-mail: tool at panix dot com

Bidding is now open and ends Sunday, February 26, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. EST. How to bid.
Tags: 2012 auction, offer: game

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