Leah Bobet (leahbobet) wrote in con_or_bust,
Leah Bobet

Offer: short story critique

Item Name/Description: An in-depth short story critique (for a story up to 7500 words).

Starting Bid: $10

Auction Ending: April 13, 2009, midnight EST.

Notes: A professional, in-depth critique on a piece of original short fiction, including availability for follow-up questions and whatsoever else you choose. Credentials so you know it'll possibly be worthwhile: I'm the editor and new publisher of Ideomancer Speculative Fiction, work as Support Monkey at the Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction and Fantasy, and have had my own work reprinted in several Year's Best anthologies.

Time permitting, there may be two or three of these available.

Thanks, folks!
Tags: offer: critique

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