Stella Omega (dharma_slut) wrote in con_or_bust,
Stella Omega

baroque lj skin!

Item Name/Description: Lush visual elements for your blog, commerce, or standard site
Starting bid: $40
Auction ending: April 13, Midnight EDT
Notes: I create visually rich skins, with a lot of color-- quite over-the-top. neobaroque, grunge lux, and steampunk are my faves.

The fine print: You and I will work together to evolve your theme, and I will require that you nag me regularly to get the work finished! I use photoshop manipulative techniques on scavenged images, original art produced for the purpose, or scanned physical art. On commercial sites, it's imperative that all the images I use be copyright free. I can take a copyright image for a sample, however, and find similar or reproduce the essentials in a new entity.

One auction only... It's all I have time for!

dharma_slut impofperversity my fiction archive, (do click on the enter link after the warning to see the big picture)
I don't want to link to my current os commerce examples, they are all on the old OSc software-- which is broken by the new php standards  and shows it... I'm looking forward to replacing those!
Tags: offer: custom-made, offer: lj skin

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