S Lynn (robling_t) wrote in con_or_bust,
S Lynn

Offer: Hand-Dyed Sock Yarn, 462 yds

Item Name/Description: One skein of hand-dyed yarn, 462 yards, fingering weight, superwash Merino w/25% nylon

Starting Bid: $10

Auction Ending: April 13, 11pm Central

Notes: One individually hand-dyed and irreproducible skein of yarn suitable for making a pair of adult-sized socks (or whatever else one wants to make with 462 yards of machine-washable fingering-weight yarn, I'm not the Yarn Police :) ). This is the actual skein in all its glory, click for larger view:


I'll ship anywhere (although outside the US it'll go parcel post instead of Priority), and I'll get it into the mail as soon as I get the word everything's final.

(Full Disclosure Disclaimer: yes, I am a professional dyer, so go ye forth and bid in confidence that this yarn will be A) dyefast and B) not smell like orange Kool-Aid. ;) )
Tags: offer: yarn

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