general jinjur (general_jinjur) wrote in con_or_bust,
general jinjur

OFFER: podfic recording (up to 8k words)

Item Name/Description: Podfic recording of a story up to 8,000 words in length

Starting Bid: $10

Auction Ending: 13 April 2009, noon Eastern

Notes: I will read the story of your choice, up to roughly 8,000 words, any fandom, any pairing. The recording will be completed by the opening date of Wiscon.

The Fine Print: Please acquire author permission for the recording. The recording will be archived at the audiofic archive unless stipulated otherwise.

Try before you buy: My podfic readings in a variety of fandoms are archived and available for download here.
Tags: offer: podfic, please note limitation in offer

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