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Handspun, Handwoven Scarf

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Item Name & Description: I will weave for you, from yarn I’ve spun myself, a scarf of roughly 7 inches by 72-90 inches, not including six-inch twisted fringe. I will work with you to design the scarf according to your specifications, especially in terms of color. However, it will have to be wool or a wool blend, and because I have a simple rigid-heddle loom, there are certain patterns I can’t weave.

Below are three photos to show you some of my work. The first is a log-cabin weave, a very popular pattern, woven from handspun.

(Click all images to enlarge.)

Handspun, Handwoven Scarf offered by Susan Palwick -- Image #1

The second is a lover’s-knot pattern, essentially a larger version of houndstooth (I prefer weaving houndstooth, but can do lover’s knot if you like it better). This particular scarf isn’t woven from handspun, but could be!

Handspun, handwoven scarf offered by Susan Palwick (image #2)

The third photo is a plainweave scarf woven from handspun, showing the natural variegation possible with handspun yarn. It can be lovely even without a pattern like the two above.

Handspun, handwoven scarf offered by Susan Palwick (image #3)

Other patterns (plaids, pick-up patterns, etc.) are possible, but I’m showing these to give you ideas!

Starting Bid: $50, plus shipping

Notes: I’m a college professor, so my time’s limited until May. It would ordinarily take me three weeks to a month to complete a project like this, but delays are not only possible but likely during the semester. I live in Reno, so if you’re in northern NV or CA, I may be able to deliver; heck, you can come to my house and watch me work!

Bidding is now open and closes Sunday, February 24, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. More Information.

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