aberwyn (aberwyn) wrote in con_or_bust,

Signed books

1. SNARE by Katharine Kerr, Tor hardback. Starting bid: $15 This is a far-future science fiction novel, featuring a lot of world-building. Some reviewers called it "fantasy", probably because there are horses in it and I'm female, but it's nothing of the sort.

2. FREEZEFRAMES by Katharine Kerr, Tor hardback. Starting bid: $10 This book, however, is a near-future SF with definite fantasy elements. Its structure is what Ursula Le Guin calls a "cranford," a set of shorter pieces that together tell an over-story.

I'll sign these (being as I am Katharine Kerr)and add a personal note if there's something you'd like me to say.

The auction on these items will end April 1st, 9 pm Pacific Daylight Time.

Tags: offer: book, offer: signed item

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