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Auction final report

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your help and enthusiasm with the auction. The total pledged bids stand at $8,078.32; additional donations bring the total for the coming twelve months to about $10,000. This is a bit less than last year, but I’m pleased with it considering that the auction was at a new site and I didn’t contact as many past donors as I should have. In any event, I’m working on ideas for additional fundraising during the year and will keep you all posted. (Of course, you can support Con or Bust at any time with T-shirt purchases or simple donations!)

More than half of the items have already been paid for, which is wonderful, thank you so much. If you haven’t paid yet, please see my previous post, “The auction’s over, now what?” for instructions. (In a day or two I will start emailing winners who haven’t paid yet, but it would be a tremendous help if I didn’t have to do that, frankly, because matching up sellers and buyers for 160 auction items is already enough email to be going on with.)

Once again, thank you for your participation and interest. I hope to have some announcements soon about upcoming cool things.

Edit: and if anyone has unused memberships to WisCon, I’m looking for two to be transferred to Con or Bust. Email me at http://con-or-bust.org/mailto:knepveu@steelypips.org.

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