March 13th, 2009


Handmade jewelry in color/semiprecious stone of choice

Item Name/Description: Handmade jewelry set: necklace and earrings
Starting Bid: $20
Auction Ending: Mar. 31, 2009, midnight, EDT.
Notes: Winner will receive a handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry set made by sidewinder. This is one of my "signature styles" featuring semi-precious stones, pewter findings, and suede, and will be available to the winner in a variety of colors and stones. Some examples of pieces in this style which I have for sale currently can be seen in this section of my etsy shop (or look below cut for pictures). These have been popular styles for me to sell for many years at conventions at prices ranging from $35 - $50 a set.

Necklace can be whatever length the winner desires. Earrings will be on gold-filled or sterling silver hooks--clipbacks are also available.

Free shipping anywhere. Please allow 3 weeks for shipping after end of auction and winning bidder's specifications on requested design.

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Item Name/Description: One pair custom pajama-type pants
Starting Bid: $8
Auction Ending: March 31st, midnight CST
Notes: One pair only available; will ship within US and Canada by May 1, 2009.

Perhaps someone has told you lately, "Go home and put on some goddamn pants!" Here is your chance. On offer is one pair custom-made pajama pants. Your choice of cotton/poly sheeting material or flannel; your choice of drawstring or elastic waistband. You may ask for capri-length instead of full-length if you wish. I will try to fulfill your request as closely as possible for colors and motifs given the limitations of my local Jo-Ann fabric store. Below the cut are just some of the possibilities:
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Clockwork Key pendant

Item Name/Description: Miniature clockwork key wire wrapped pendant
Starting Bid: $14
Auction Ending: March 31, 2009, midnight, EDT
Notes: This auction is for a wire wrapped pendant handmade from an antique key, watch gears, and vintaj bronze enameled copper wire. You will receive the exact pendant shown, on a silver plated chain. Free shipping anywhere in the world, with delivery confirmation included in the US.

More photos of this pendant can be seen here.

This pendant is just over 2 1/4" long including the bail, and approximately 3/4" across. It is decorated with silver and brass colored watch gears and deep bronze toned enameled copper wire, with the coating scratched through in some places to show bits of the copper wire underneath. It hangs from an 18" silver-plated brass chain with a lobster clasp.

The watch gears used in this piece are from new old stock, according to my supplier, and would never have been in contact with the radium paint used on some old watches.

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Professional Tarot Reading

Item Name/Description: Professional Tarot reading by phone.
Starting Bid: $20
Auction Ending: April 1, 2009 at 11:59 PM CST.
Notes: Reading recipient must be available by telephone within the United States.

"Mama Tish" Owen, founder of Pagan Unity Festival, has asked me to post her auction offer, a professional tarot reading by phone.

Tish Owen has been reading Tarot professionally for over twenty years and is the proprietor of Goddess & the Moon in Nashville, TN. She reads for people in Nashville, the surrounding area, across the country and internationally. She has read at parties for Anne Rice, Reba McIntyre, Trisha Yearwood, Taylor Swift and many others.

Tish is a personal friend of mine and a reading with her is not to be missed! Readings generally cost $40 for a reading which takes approximately one hour. Happy bidding!