March 25th, 2009

mermaid yay

Another Update

Hello, all!

I am back from the trainsofheaven with all new and improved auction totals!

As of 8 AM CDT, totals on auctions sit at approximately $3,118.29. YAY! This does not include the regular donations sent to the project that kate_nepveu discussed in her last mod post.

We're doing well with weeks to go...please, be sure anyone you know who is eligible for and interested in assistance is aware of the availability of funds.


Did you know that a bunch of neat things in this auction have not yet attracted any bids? With nearly 100 offers to go through, we can't really blame you for overlooking some here's a list of what you might have missed.

(If your auction has attracted bids but is now way back in the skips, you may feel free to post a "bump" for it no more than once a week, providing a link back to the original auction and the current bid. Please disable comments on "bump" posts to avoid confusion.)

* An epic-length podfic recording (no word limit) by general_jinjur, starting at $100.
* A professional short-story critique by leahbobet, starting at $10.
* An ARC of freda_writes' (Freda Warrington) upcoming novel Elfland, offered by pnh via kate_nepveu, with no starting your price and have it before it's released!
* Publishing contract review from wild_irises, starting at $30.
* A collection of bellydance gear from sacchig, starting at $35.
* An antique book dating to the 1920's, Poe's Tales of Mystery & Imagination (with illustrations), offered by hivesofactivity and starting at $150.
* Six Degrees of Canada DVDs offered by hivesofactivity, starting at $10.
* Professional critique of completed manuscript or book proposal by Hanne Blank (misia), starting at $100.
* Critique of law and legal issues in a fictional work or scenario offered by kate_nepveu, starting at $15.
* rosefox has made offers of several books: those without bids include Flight from the Reich: Refugee Jews, 1933-1946, Old World Daughter, New World Mother: An Education in Love and Freedom, Max Frei's The Stranger, Achmat Dangor's Bitter Fruit, Jia Pingwa's Turbulence, and Gwynne Forster's Blues from Deep Down. All start at $10.
* Beta and/or editing services on fanfic or original fiction, offered by nextian and starting at $10.


Thank you, again, for all that you have done and continue to do for this initiative. Happy bidding!
wood cat

bidding for non-LJ users

I've had a request to bid on items from people who aren't LJ users. Since anon commenting is off in this community, here's what non-LJ-users should do if they want to bid:

Send me an e-mail at, with (1) the URL of the auction (and which item if it's a multiple-item listing), (2) the starting bid, (3) the maximum bid, (4) the preferred increment for bidding, and (5) any other information they consider relevant. I will bid on their behalf.

Note that if you win, I will necessarily share your e-mail address with the person offering the item.

I will also list auction items for non-LJ users. E-mail me.

Finally, non-LJ people can absolutely request assistance from the fund; non-LJ comments are permitted there and will not be seen by anyone but me.