March 27th, 2009

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earrings: "Patil and the Cloud Engine"

Item Name/Description:
Starting Bid: $10
Auction Ending: Monday, April 15, at noon EST.
Notes: I made these earrings. They're on sterling silver wires, and the beads are faceted quartz with some very interesting mineral inclusions.

"Patil and the Cloud Engine"

The title is the title of a story (or a song, or a poem, or something) that nobody has written yet. It's not a story I know how to tell. Maybe you do. Maybe they will whisper into your ear, and maybe you're the one who knows what the tale will be... or maybe you know someone to give them to who will know.

The world needs more stories. Think of these as story seeds.

P.S. I think it's steampunk, but I'm not sure. Guess I'll have to wait and find out, eh?
c is for cat

Quality Time

It turns out that I will be able to go to Wiscon, after all, so I am bumping my auction (which ends Saturday) so that those who might not have bid because I wouldn't be at their con can see it.

Item Name: Lunch with Cat
Starting Bid: $15 (bidding is currently at $125)
Auction Ending: March 28th
Notes: If bids go high enough, I would consider offering two of these.

My name is Catherynne M. Valente. I've written six novels. Some of them have won awards like the Tiptree and the Mythopoeic Award. I'm generally personable and a good date. So what am I putting up for auction?

A lunch alone with me at an upcoming con, be it Penguicon, Readercon, WIscon Worldcon, etc. Or, if you can't make the cons the same lunch at one of my tour stops over the next few months.

Obviously I will pick up the tab for lunch. You can pick the restaurant, anything you like, within reason. We can talk publishing or not, as you please. You can pitch me your book or talk about secret dreams and old loves. Up to you. It's a chance to get some bonding time in away from the bustle of cons, to establish faces and names and a good memory, as opposed to a flash in a crowd.

Gentle nudge re following auctions concluding next Wed

Drawing people's attention to the following items I'm auctioning, closing date/time 18.00 hrs British Summer Time, Wed 1st April:
Outspoken Women: An Anthology of women's writing on sex, 1870-1969 (hardcover)
Outspoken Women: An anthology of women's writing on sex, 1870-1969 (paperback edition)
Sexual cultures in Europe: 2 vols, hardcover
Sexual Cultures in Europe: National Histories (paperback)
Hidden Anxieties: Male Sexuality 1900-1950 (paperback)

Will post internationally.

Comments disabled: please place any further bids in the comment threads to the original posts.


Offer: Swiss Chocolate

Item Name/Description: Swiss Chocolate
Starting Bid: $10
Auction Ending: 12:01 AM GMT, Monday, 13 April 2009

Minimum two pounds assorted quality Swiss chocolate (as assorted as possible), shipped from Switzerland to anywhere in the world that will accept food. Please specify any conditions (nut allergies, hatred of milk chocolate, maximum cocoa percentage, etc.) with your bid.

Just a bump post for the Spigot Cane

I posted this before auctions started so I wanted to draw a bit more attention to it. *grin*

If bidding makes it above $100, I'll throw in something extra, though I'm not quite sure what yet. I've been doing a lot of etching on copper, nickel silver, and brass, so it would probably involve that.

Bid here!