April 9th, 2009

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Last-Minute Listing - Glamour photography for yarn or knitted items- AT WISCON ONLY

Item Name/Description: Glamour shot of yarn or small knitted goods
Starting Bid: $10
Auction Ending: April 13th, midnight Pacific Daylight Time
Notes: I will photograph your knitted item or handspun yarn so that when you put it up on Ravelry or etsy, the photograph will be (almost) as beautiful as the finished item.

Object owner will get 30 minutes of photography time, and will retain all rights to images. Images can be handed over at Wiscon, or I can do some touchups and send them later.

Beaded silk dusk

If you know that your item is more than about a foot in any direction, please note that.
wood cat

status update

As you all know, the auction closes Monday—be sure to check time zones and hours of those items you're holding last minute bids in reserve for!

I am pleased to report that nine fans of color have requested assistance from the fund. Right now we are projected to have just enough to send all of them to WisCon—if flights do not go up in the meantime, no-one needs extras like, umm, food, no-one else requests assistance, and no auction winners flake out. Et cetera. So keep spreading the word about the auction, list any last-minute things that seem good to you, and take another look at the items that don't have many bids—you may find some bargains! (I hope to have time to spotlight some of these later, but feel free to comment here and draw attention to things that you think aren't getting enough love.)

Let me know if you have questions.

(And watch this space for discussion of Anticipation, this year's Worldcon, coming as soon as Kate gets some ducks in a row!)


Last minute listing - Handknit merino socks

Item Name/Description: Handknit socks
Starting Bid: $40
Auction Ending: April 13th, 11 pm EST Oops I meant EDT.
Notes: One pair of socks, knit to fit the buyer, in color of the buyer's choice. Buyer has the option of receiving plain, lace, or celtic cabled socks. To be completed and shipped to buyer by June 15.

Starting bid covers cost of materials plus the initial hour of my time, with time valued as an average of the minimum wage in the state of Massachusetts and the average hourly wage of someone working in my professional field. The total time necessary to complete a pair of women's size 7 socks is approximately 16 hours.

I find it impossible to take good photographs of socks, but here are photos of my other knitted work:

Dove Shawl
Collapse )

Last minute listing - Fiction Critique from a Hard Science/Technology Perspective

Item Name/Description: Fiction Critique from a Hard Science/Technology Perspective
Starting Bid: $15
Auction Ending: April 13th, 11 pm EST oops, I meant EDT.
Notes: I will read up to 50 manuscript-formatted pages [*] of a fiction work or of a description of a fictional scenario and give you my opinion of it from a technical perspective, within two weeks of receipt.

I can tell you whether your science violates the laws of physics, whether your punnet squares should be punted or not, and in general help you construct a physical universe that is consistent. I can also tell you how a scientist or engineer character might react in a catastrophe ("Shit, the satellite is on fire!" is a catastrophe I have first hand experience with) or to an example of technical idiocy.

I am an electrical engineer with a bachelor's degree from MIT, enrolled in a Master's degree program at Columbia University, and have been working in industry for five years.

[*] Double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman or Courier.

(With my apologies to kate_nevpeu for lifting the structure of this offer from her offer for legal critique