April 10th, 2009


Last minute listing - lace bookmark

Item Name/Description: Handknit lace bookmark
Fixed Donation Amount: $16
Auction Ending: April 13th, 11 pm EST oops, I meant EDT.
Notes: One handknit lace bookmark, in color of buyer's choice, in my own lace design. To be shipped by June 15. Can be adorned with beads, ribbon, or tassel if so desired.

These bookmarks are approximately six inches long by two inches wide, although the size is very approximate and can be adjusted, within reason, at the buyer's discretion. Bookmarks are crisply starched and mailed between thick sheets of cardboard to insure that they arrive unwrinkled.

My most readily available project photos are below, but please note, for copyright reasons I cannot reproduce this exact item for sale, as it is not my own design. The bookmark I make will be of similar quality.

I am willing to fill up to 4 requests.