July 27th, 2009

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Con or Bust's future!

I'm pleased to announce that Con or Bust, which helped nine fans of color go to WisCon this year, will continue thanks to the Carl Brandon Society, which has agreed to take over the financial management of the fund, that is, hold the money.

What does this mean for Con or Bust's future? A few things:

  • This year's excess money will be rolled over to help fans of color in the future.
  • As a project of a formally-established not-for-profit organization, I hope it will be easier for Con or Bust to become a strong, stable, useful resource.
  • Since the CBS is a 501(c)(3) organization, contributions to it are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
  • And on a personal note, not having to administer the funds myself will make my life a lot easier.

Yes, I will still be coordinating Con or Bust, and we'll run an LJ auction again during the run-up to WisCon—earlier, this time, since it won't be a last-minute project. I'd also really like other fundraising suggestions, as this is not a strong point of mine. What can we do either as a community or individually to raise funds?

Here are a few general areas that seem possible to me.

  • T-shirts and other gear. Would require (1) advice on services (is CafePress still the default?) and (2) and a design or designs, which I am so not qualified to do.
  • DIY at-con fundraisers, something like the Tiptree bake sales only not, at least for cons that already have a regular bake sale. I've never run a Tiptree bake sale—I hope to next year at Boskone, which doesn't have one already, and see if the Tiptree folks are okay with my making it a combined Tiptree/Brandon sale—but from the outside they seem easily run by pretty much anyone. What else might have a reasonable level of practicality and usefulness?
  • [Thing]-a-thons, along the lines of Clarion West's Write-a-Thon (which at least one participant was participating in to raise money for both Clarion West & the Carl Brandon Society). This could be done by individuals, but would probably be more effective in getting attention if done as a group.

What else can we do?

Finally, a couple of people have asked me if Con or Bust will be helping send fans of color to cons other than WisCon. We're open to the idea, depending on the con; please contact me at knepveu at steelypips dot org with "Con or Bust" in the subject to discuss it.

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