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Con Or Bust: Helping Fans of Color Attend SFF Cons

07:43 pm: kate_nepveu About Con or Bust
07:48 pm: kate_nepveu How to Offer Something for Auction  12 comments
07:49 pm: kate_nepveu How to Browse Auctions
07:49 pm: kate_nepveu Auction Requests
07:49 pm: kate_nepveu How to Bid on an Auction  2 comments
07:50 pm: kate_nepveu How to Pay for an Auction or Make a Donation  1 comment
07:50 pm: kate_nepveu How to Request Assistance
07:51 pm: kate_nepveu Announcing the 2010 fundraising drive for Con or Bust!
03:37 pm: thuviaptarth Offered: Fanfiction  8 comments
03:52 pm: sihaya09 Offered: Custom Faerie Wing Pendant.  8 comments
05:35 pm: spitkitten Offered: Loaf of pear gingerbread  12 comments
05:39 pm: rachelmanija Comic script  2 comments
10:00 am: mattkressel Offered: Copy of Paper Cities & Four-Issue Subscription to Sybil's Garage  11 comments
08:21 pm: ex_catherin85 Offered: "Sleeping Beauty Indeed" and "Haunted Hearths and Sapphic Shades"  6 comments
01:44 am: oyceter Offer: Handknit socks  8 comments
12:56 pm: katharine_b Offer: 'Alcestis' signed hardcover  10 comments
10:08 pm: lesleyah Offered: Encyclopedia of British Women's Writing 1900-1950  5 comments
11:40 am: rachelmanija Collectible coins  9 comments
07:33 pm: coalescent Offer: SF novels 1  6 comments
07:35 pm: coalescent Offer: SF novels 2  7 comments
07:37 pm: coalescent Offer: mixed sf and fantasy novels
07:38 pm: coalescent Offer: ARC of Spirit by Gwyneth Jones  7 comments
07:39 pm: coalescent Offer: Signed & numbered ARC of Hyddenworld by William Horwood  2 comments
10:06 pm: kate_nepveu Offer: Sly Mongoose by Tobias S. Buckell, autographed ARC  6 comments
10:12 pm: kate_nepveu Offer: Tooth and Claw by Jo Walton, signed first editions (two)  12 comments
10:19 pm: kate_nepveu Offer: How to Teach Physics to Your Dog by Chad Orzel, signed first edition  14 comments
11:03 am: kate_nepveu Offer: home-made chocolate chip cookies  7 comments
11:10 am: kate_nepveu Offer: guest post on Tor.com's Lord of the Rings re-read  6 comments
12:16 pm: craftyginny Offer: handknit socks or armwarmers  19 comments
10:16 pm: netmouse Offer: limited edition of Moonheart by Charles de Lint  16 comments
11:23 pm: kate_nepveu Offer: "Slightly Behind & to the Left" by Claire Light  6 comments
07:35 am: netmouse Offer: personalized 1st Edition of Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman  13 comments
01:40 pm: aberwyn Bound proofs, a.k.a ARCS  16 comments
05:51 pm: squirrel_monkey Offer: ARC of The House of Discarded Dreams  8 comments
09:01 pm: chr0me_kitten OFFER: Custom hand-bound blank book/journal (small)  7 comments
09:09 pm: chr0me_kitten OFFER: Custom hand-carved eraser stamp  14 comments
09:58 pm: kate_nepveu Offer: 11x17" photo of Samuel R. Delany by kylecassidy  9 comments
10:02 pm: scalzi Offer: Signed chapbook of the French language version of "After The Coup"  6 comments
11:47 pm: deepforestowl Offer: Fanfiction  3 comments
12:01 am: kate_nepveu Bidding is open!  3 comments
12:53 am: arianhwyvar Offer: Wire Wrapped Antique Key -- Writer's Charm Pendant: 'A Key to Growing Stories'  15 comments
05:42 am: nnedimma 2 Copies of THE SHADOW SPEAKER with Nnedi Doodles!  19 comments
07:39 am: copperwise Offer: Chimera Fancies Pendant  8 comments
08:11 am: general_jinjur offer: podfic recording (up to 8k words)  6 comments
08:13 am: general_jinjur offer: podfic recording (up to 25k words)  9 comments
08:16 am: general_jinjur offer: podfic recording (epic length, no word limit)  27 comments
11:20 am: ethereal_lad Offer: A 2yr subscription to Icarus: The Magazine of Gay Speculative Fiction  6 comments
01:09 pm: swan_tower Offer: Onyx Court book set  3 comments
01:41 pm: ex_truepenn Offer: signed hardback of The Virtu  8 comments
04:31 pm: deepad Offer: Personalised 1st Ed Copy of Split by Swati Avasthi  5 comments
05:43 pm: kelljones Offer: Custom Carbon Steel Retaining Ring Necklace  12 comments
06:51 pm: myrrhmade (no subject)  11 comments
06:56 pm: popelizbet Offered: Customizable Fudge  11 comments
02:43 am: fish_echo Offer: A rec list done to your prompt  10 comments
07:11 am: mmohanraj OFFER: Lunch with Guest of Honor Mary Anne Mohanraj  4 comments
07:17 am: mmohanraj OFFER: Handmade Curry Powder and Cookbook by Guest of Honor Mary Anne Mohanraj  9 comments
10:07 am: serasempre Offer: Website  4 comments
11:01 am: mmohanraj OFFER: Fiction or Creative Nonfiction Book Critique with Guest of Honor Mohanraj  7 comments
01:23 pm: hivesofactivity OFFER: two DVD box sets, Stargate SG-1 seasons 1 and 2  17 comments
05:55 pm: mancersheart Offer: Digital Painted Commission of characters of your choice  4 comments
10:54 am: deepad Offer: Blog post written to spec  7 comments
03:33 pm: sophia_helix OFFER: Set of 4 knitted cotton discloths  9 comments
10:28 pm: kate_nepveu Offer: Paladin of Souls by Bujold, signed 1st ed.  9 comments
10:30 pm: kate_nepveu Offer: French graphic novel of The Warrior's Apprentice by Bujold  10 comments
10:33 pm: kate_nepveu Offer: ARC of CryoBurn by Bujold (forthcoming)  27 comments