February 21st, 2010

wood cat

Offer: home-made chocolate chip cookies

Item Name & Description: a big batch (30-32) of soft, dense, delicious chocolate chip cookies.

If you were at the Tiptree-Brandon Bake Sale at Boskone this year, these were the ones labeled "soft chocolate chip cookies"—but you had to have been there early, because they went fast.

Starting Bid: $5 (opening Feb. 24).

Notes: delivery within two weeks of auction close, United States only, via Priority Mail, in as much bubble wrap or other cushioning as seems necessary.
wood cat

Offer: guest post on Tor.com's Lord of the Rings re-read

Item Name & Description: A guest post on the Lord of the Rings re-read I am conducting over at Tor.com.

This can be either a post you write yourself, or a topic you ask me to write about. Posts in the re-read usually generate lively discussion and receive literally thousands of views.

Starting Bid: $15 (opening Feb. 24).

Notes: Guest post is subject to approval by me & Tor.com (I doubt anyone would bother bidding so they could post child porn or whatever, but I need to cover the possibility).
hope in small things (Tom McRae lyric)

Offer: handknit socks or armwarmers

Offer: I will knit one pair of socks, armwarmers or similar-sized item in consultation with the winning bidder. Here is a sample of my work, including last year's auction winner modelling her socks.

Delivery: Last year's socks were delivered in time for WisCon. Unfortunately, due to various circumstances, I can't promise that this time, but I will try. I will commit to having them finished and on their way by mid-June.

Note: Those with large feet are welcome to participate in the auction.

Minimum bid: $15. (Bidding opens Wednesday, February 24)

Here is last year's offer for reference: http://community.livejournal.com/con_or_bust/3420.html

ETA: I have a cat, and I'm a terrible housekeeper. I'll wash the finished object before sending it, but it will have been exposed to fur.
Dark Simpsons Anne

Offer: limited edition of Moonheart by Charles de Lint

Item Name & Description: Deluxe Limited Edition Hardcover of Moonheart by Charles de Lint

This is the gorgeous limited edition hardcover put out by Subterranean Press that is illustrated by Charles Vess. It is signed by both de Lint and Vess and was released to celebrate Moonheart's 20th anniversary.

Deluxe Limited Edition -- features black-and-white illustrations and page decorations by Charles Vess, and eight full-color, full page plates tipped into each copy. It is bound in leather and cloth, slipcased, has full-color endsheets, an illustrated signature page, plus an extra section of working sketches by Charles Vess. The Deluxe Limited Edition was strictly limited to 400 numbered copies signed by both the author and artist.

All editions that Subterranean Press was offering of this book sold out long ago (it was released in 2004). This is not a numbered copy of the deluxe limited edition, it is a personal copy (lettered: pc) I got through my work for Subterranean that I am donating.

It is in perfect condition.

Starting Bid: $30

Notes: bidding starts on Wednesday February 24
wood cat

Offer: "Slightly Behind & to the Left" by Claire Light

Item Name & Description: A copy of short story collection "Slightly Behind & to the Left" by Claire Light, with a limited edition dust jacket designed and hand-printed by Patricia Wakida on recycled grocery bags (to fit in with the title story theme). Value: $20.

Starting Bid: $10 (starting Wednesday Feb. 24)

Notes: Posted on behalf of author, who will ship to you, or deliver at Wiscon, depending on your preference.


book jacket for Con or Bust