February 23rd, 2010


Offer: ARC of The House of Discarded Dreams

Item Name & Description: One signed advance reading copy of my novel, The House of Discarded Dreams, upcoming in July 2010. Back cover description:

"Vimbai moves into a dilapidated house in the dunes, trying to escape her embarrassing immigrant mother... and discovers that one of her new roommates has a pocket universe instead of hair, there is a psychic energy baby living in the telephone wires, and her dead Zimbabwean grandmother is doing dishes in the kitchen.

When the house gets lost at sea and creatures of African urban legends all but take it over, Vimbai has to turn to horseshoe crabs in the ocean, to ask for their help in getting home to New Jersey."

This is my fourth novel. My previous one is The Alchemy of Stone; I also occasionally edit anthologies.

Starting Price: $10

Notes: It's an uncorrected proof, so expect typos and other scandalous things.

Reminder: Bidding doesn't open until Wednesday, February 24th. Do not bid until then.
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OFFER: Custom hand-bound blank book/journal (small)

Item Name/Description: one custom hand-bound blank book (small)
Starting Bid: $25

Notes: I will make you a custom, handmade blank book/journal with your choice of colors for the covers. You can select from several binding styles. The book will be about 5" tall and 3.5" wide. The text block will have at least 112 pages of sketch or fine writing paper. I will mail the finished book by May 1, 2010 or deliver it in person at WisCon. Photos of some of my small books are below the cut to give you an idea of what I make. If you win the auction, I'll provide you with photos of different binding styles and decorative options.
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OFFER: Custom hand-carved eraser stamp

Item Name/Description: Hand-carved eraser stamp
Starting bid: $8

Notes: I'll carve you a stamp out of an eraser. If you win, we'll work together to figure out what you want. The erasers are about 1.5" by 3". Sample images behind the cut:
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I'll mail your stamp by May 1, 2010 or deliver it in person at WisCon.

Bidding doesn't start until Wednesday, Feb 24.
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Offer: Signed chapbook of the French language version of "After The Coup"

Item/Description: 32-page softcover chapbook of "La diplomatie en trois rounds," which is the French language version of my short story "After the Coup," signed.

Starting Bid: $10

Notes: This chapbook was printed by L'Atalante, my French language publisher, as a giveaway at French, Belgian and Swiss bookstores. There are very few of them available in North America (indeed, I think I have most of them over here), which makes this something of a collector's item, at least on this side of the Atlantic. The chapbook is signed and I'll be happy to personalize it for the winner. I'll also cover shipping within North America.

Warning: This version of the story is in French. Don't want that to be a surprise. The original, in English, is available at the Tor.com site.

Reminder: Bidding doesn't open until Wednesday, February 24th. Do not bid until then.

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Offer: Fanfiction

Item/Description: I will write a piece of fanfic of at least 1000 words in one the following fandoms/pairings of your choice:

Battlestar Galactica: Adama/Roslin, Adama/Cottle, Cottle/Roslin, Adama/Roslin/Cottle
Sherlock Holmes: Holmes/Watson
Dead Poets Society: Pitts/Meeks
V for Vendetta (movie): V/Evey
Fringe: Broyles/Sharp

Any rating and pretty much any scenario....I tend towards smut but also do angst pretty well.

Starting bid: $10

Notes: To be delivered as soon as I can manage it. End of term is always kind of crazy. My intention is to shoot for WisCon but if the muse and time allows, it might be delivered before then. ;) Giving me a good general idea of what you are and are not looking for is a definite plus.