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Con Or Bust: Helping Fans of Color Attend SFF Cons

10:55 pm: literatewench poem, any topic.  19 comments
11:08 pm: tool_of_satan Songs of the Dying Earth  4 comments
12:45 pm: hivesofactivity Antiquarian book: Edgar Allan Poe, Tales of Mystery and Imagination
05:29 pm: alumiere Offering: Low Carb Gluten Free Cake  3 comments
07:03 pm: teaberryblue Offering: Homemade hot drink mix  1 comment
11:34 pm: kate_nepveu Requests for Assistance Still Being Taken
05:30 pm: kate_nepveu Offer: Moroccan Door necklace  6 comments
03:10 pm: janni Offer: Signed copy of Bones of Faerie (hardcover, first printing)  6 comments
11:00 pm: nellorat Offer: Custom-Made Necklace and Earrings or Ear Cuffs, 2 sets  7 comments
11:10 pm: nellorat OFFER: Custom-Made Ear Cuffs, Pair (Same or Different) 3 Sets  7 comments
12:39 pm: kate_nepveu Update & neglected auctions  7 comments
08:12 pm: aberwyn Rare but only fair condition  29 comments
09:33 pm: wrdnrd manga: 'Fruits Basket' complete series  7 comments
09:38 pm: wrdnrd manga: 'Kare Kano' complete series  11 comments
09:53 pm: cabell Offer: Custom character/source-themed mixes  15 comments
10:41 pm: kate_nepveu Offer: John M. Ford books  20 comments
10:54 pm: kate_nepveu Offer: Carla Kelly, Summer Campaign  5 comments
10:36 am: popelizbet (no subject)  8 comments
06:18 pm: kelljones Offer: Custom Carbon Steel Retaining Ring Earrings  9 comments
06:27 pm: kelljones Offer: Custom Carbon Steel Retaining Ring Bracelet  13 comments
09:19 pm: myrrhmade New Amulet Necklace  4 comments
09:27 pm: teaberryblue Last Minute Addition: 3 Goodie Boxes of Betty Boop and Popeye goodies, courtesy of my workplace.  18 comments
10:51 pm: wesleysgirl Offer - Fanfic  7 comments
09:01 am: kate_nepveu last day to bid // neglected auctions  2 comments
08:40 am: kate_nepveu so the auction's over, now what?  10 comments
11:19 pm: kate_nepveu For problems with auctions
11:23 pm: kate_nepveu We raised . . .  5 comments