March 6th, 2010

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Offer: Moroccan Door necklace

Posted on behalf of the artist:

Item Name & Description: One Moroccan Door necklace from The Copper Camel

Doors are symbolic of change, of the beginning of one thing, or the end of another. This is the time to welcome change, for fresh new hopes to come a'knocking, and for past disappointments to be gently but firmly shown the door.

So here it is. My Moroccan Door is etched into sturdy but lightweight copper, and subtly colored with durable baked-on paint that shifts in the light from brown to a strange, wonderful green. Pale Swarovski crystals are placed as rivets down the center, and a silver-plated key hangs nearby so you always have one door left to open. The copper chain is approximately 18" in length, and the lobster clasp is copper plated. A special necklace with which to merrily bid the past farewell, and a tiny door to smack it not-so-gently on the ass on the way out.

*Note: the display bust in the full-length picture is not to scale. That's an actual penny in the close-up, for reference.*

Starting bid: $25.00

Notes: Your necklace will ship out immediately, regular US mail, upon confirmation of payment.

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