April 5th, 2010

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Hey y'all!

So the auction went awesomely (and my bidders are still waiting on stuff, which should go out very soon), and now con_or_bust is doing a table at the wiscon Gathering. The Gathering is themed around an activity or game at each table - we'll be sharing volunteers with the Interstitial Arts Foundation, who rock hard.

For con_or_bust's Gathering event, kate_nepveau came up with the awesome idea of doing an SF/F Characters of Color cage match face-off, NCAA-bracket-style, like what chickfight has been having a lot of fun doing with female characters (mostly, if not all, from SF/F). (You may want to check out chickfight if you haven't seen the "bracket meme" circulating, as all of this will make a lot more sense then.)

Doing this as our Gathering game means that we can let all our auction supporters play along!
Situation is TBA as to whether some early voting will happen here, with final rounds at the Gathering, or whether we'll do the Sixteen/Eight/Four over the three hours of the Gathering and the Final Faceoff here, but y'all will get a chance to contribute, if y'all want to.

In order to do this, we need nominations. We'll need a pool of at least 32 characters, up to 64. Since I am being daily swallowed by the Sarlaac of exams, I figured I'd go ahead and get nominations started now; we'll run nominations through the end of April, and at the end of the month we'll have our pool for Con or Bust: Characters of Color Fantasy (& SF) Face-Off!

In comments to this post, leave the name & fandom of your nominees (i.e., Lt. Uhura, Star Trek; Yeine, Inheritance Trilogy/100,000 Kingdoms) &, if you like, why you'd like to see your candidate face off in a fantasy match. Magic? Strength? Speed? Intelligence? Bad-ass skills? Combinations? All SF/F fandoms are welcome, and you can nominate as many characters as you like.

Feel free to second and add to the praises of your fave characters, but rather than counting seconds, thirds, etc., all characters nominated will be put in Tickey Polls and the top 32/64 selected, at the end of April.

I think this will be a fun way to get COB out there at wiscon and get people interested in checking out the community and taking the project to other cons. And hey - any excuse to talk about awesome characters of color being awesome is a good excuse. Get to nominating! My list will be found in comments.

Edited to note: Multiple nominations from the same fandom are fine. Superheroes count. Make as many nominations as you wish, it'll make a better pool in the end once we narrow them down.