May 30th, 2011

wood cat

WisCon update and thank you

Between the impromptu mini-auction (just under $250) and the T-shirt sales, we raised at least $870 for Con or Bust at WisCon. (I don't know if any T-shirts were sold after I left today.)

roadnotes and elisem are responsible for the existence of the impromptu mini-auction: first roadnotes pulled that gorgeous choker of her bag and handed it to me, and then elisem offered space to display it, and the gorgeous yarn and scarf [*] that she handed to me, at the Haiku Earring Party. The following people then came out of the woodwork to help: Jenn Mathers, Lou Hoffman, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Ashley "Fullstop" Brown, Moondancer Drake, and K. Tempest Bradford donated items for auction; Candra Gill made the flyers; and catvalente lent a table.

[*] Speaking of which: Beth S., you won the scarf and I have no way to contact you. E-mail and we'll arrange for it to be shipped.

Of Con or Bust's other WisCon activities, Aqueduct Press and truepenny provided absolutely invaluable help with the T-shirts, and popelizbet ran the Faceoff with flair (results post coming tomorrow; I managed to misstate the Final Four to an entire roomful of people, so I'm not saying nothing until I got documentation).

(I will post separately when I'm ready to start mail-ordering T-shirts.)

Finally, a reminder: the request period for July-September cons extends only through Tuesday May 31, a.k.a. tomorrow. Among other things, not all of our three Renovation memberships are spoken for, and I really hate to see those go unused. Please refer and link to the announcement post!