August 2nd, 2011

wood cat

Reminder: Oct.-Dec. request period starts Aug. 15; Darkovercon

Reminder: requests for assistance to attend cons beginning in October, November, and December will be taken from August 15-25. Please see this post for details on how to request assistance.

I am pleased to announce that Darkovercon has donated a membership; it is held in Maryland, U.S. from November 25-27, 2011. Its Guests of Honor this year are Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman; its Artist Guest of Honor is Shoshana Epsilon; its Illustrious Grand Master is Melissa Scott; its Musical Guests of Honor are Clam Chowder; its Steampunk Guest of Hoour is Mark P. Donnelly; and its Special Guest is Katherine Kurtz.

You can find a partial list of other cons at Locus. If you have a membership to donate or transfer, please contact me at And, of course, you may donate money at any time with a PayPal account or credit card (more information):

Please spread the word to potential con attendees and to cons.