November 3rd, 2011


Orycon 33 membership available (very short notice!)

I was just directed here from Scalzi's blog, Whatever.  Kate has given me the okay to post this directly to this comm:

I'll be attending Orycon 33 in Portland, OR from November 11-13 (a week from today).  My partner can't attend this year, so I have a guest membership currently going unused.  Please PM me directly if you can use it, and we'll figure out how to make it work.

In addition:  I attend Orycon every year and I may be able to put in a request for donated or sponsored memberships.  It will be easier if I have an idea of how many people might be interested.


ETA:  For those who may be less familiar with this con, they have truly terrific programming for writers.  Also for pretty much everything else.