January 29th, 2012

Offer: Elements for upcoming novelette set in the Dorgian Galaxy

Item Name & Description: Elements for an upcoming novelette set in the Dorgian Galaxy

Starting Bid: $1 each

Notes: Belle Heartley and Claire Rasmussen, authors of the…popularish…Dorgian Galaxy series of space opera erotic romances, are offering elements to be included in their next work (novelette length at least). These are:

  • The title (you need not stick to the traditional Preposition Noun of Noun format)

  • A primary character's name

  • A planet's name

  • Three plot points (long-lost heir? Fencing on the edge of a moon cliff? Amnesia again? The options are legion)

  • A sexual position or fantasy for the main character(s) to engage in (this could be something real, or you can make up a name and let them get creative with what that is - the only thing they refuse to touch here is anything that's less than 100% consensual)

  • Belle and Claire will write, well, pretty much anything, so if you have a strong desire to name a character in the next Dorgian book after your own upcoming novel or whatever, they'll totally do it. I mean, they've written about characters named things like "Chairite" and "Liam O'Angel." They've also written about werepigs, adorable plot moppets, space pirates with telempathic soul-bonds, a threesome on a library desk, and men in sweater vests. You're unlikely to pick anything they won't be willing to tackle, but be ready with an alternate idea or two just in case - Belle is unpredictably touchy about her Art at times.

    For examples of their previous work, check out Reading by Moonslight, which is not safe for work (or possibly for anywhere). Betwixt the Dilemmas of Dashington Station is my own favorite of their works to date, and is probably as good a representative sample as any.

    Belle has been complaining that her Well of Inspiration is dry lately, but I think you can expect the new Dorgian work to finished and available online within six months.

    E-mail: niki at bymoonslight dot com

    Bidding starts Saturday, February 11, 2012 at 12:01 a.m. EST (GMT -5) and ends Sunday, February 25, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. EST.