April 21st, 2012

wood cat

assistance for cons in July, August, and September

The period to request assistance for cons starting in July, August, or September will be from May 15-25. Instructions, as always, are here.

One substantive update: I have been advised that people are sometimes hesitant to request donated memberships because they fear it will later disqualify them from receiving monetary assistance. I have accordingly revised the instructions and the request form to make receiving only a membership to be a last-resort tie-breaker, which means it should only very rarely affect the priority of a person's request for assistance. To put it another way: donated memberships don't cost Con or Bust money, so I want people to use them!

Finally, I would like suggestions of cons in July, August, and September that aren't on Locus' list, to contact about supporting Con or Bust through donations and spreading the word.

Thanks for your help!