May 14th, 2013

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Con or Bust Characters of Color Face-Off Nominations

Originally published at Con or Bust by Kate Nepveu. Please comment there ( comment(s)).

Edit May 16: characters from SFF are eligible, not just fantasy works! (“Fantasy” in the original phrasing referred to fantasy sports.) I have edited the subject line to be less ambiguous.

Posted on behalf of Lizbet, coordinator extraordinaire of Con or Bust’s fun at Wiscon:

It is time again for Wiscon, and that means it’s time for another Con or Bust Fantasy Face-Off! The Fantasy Face-Off takes the classic geek pastime of arguing over which fictional character would win in a fight and melds it with fantasy sports. Because it is sponsored by Con or Bust, all characters in the Face-Off are characters of color. Even though the final rounds of the game get played at Wiscon’s Gathering and the Carl Brandon Society party, everyone is invited to submit their nominations! Nominate as many badass characters of color as you like; the characters with the most nominations will be slotted into a bracket and the face-off will be determined by votes received at the Gathering and CBS party until only one winner remains! This game both encourages geeks to fiercely debate the merits of their favorites — always a bonus — while introducing people who may not have encountered them to new characters of color to explore.

Enter the name and fandom of the character you’d like to nominate below. (You can nominate more than one, there’ll be a link once you submit the form to start over.) If it would be helpful, add whether the fandom is a movie, book, etc.

(If you’re viewing the LJ crosspost, you’ll have to click through to the WordPress post or go straight to the Google Docs form, because LJ won’t allow this kind of embedding.)

We welcome your nominations! Nominations continue through Thursday, May 23, 11:59 p.m. Eastern time. After that, Lizbet will count up the nominations and prepare the bracket for the Friday Gathering. If you’re going to be at Wiscon, please come see us at the Gathering each hour to cast your votes and encourage your friends to do the same; the final two rounds will be held at the Carl Brandon Society party on Friday night, after which this year’s winner will be announced.

Edit: check out how your favorite characters are doing at the nomination list! (But remember, the field will be narrowed based on number of nominations, so use this for inspiration and recruiting only.)

Questions should be directed to; questions left in comments may not be answered quickly as Lizbet has only phone access to the Internet for most of this week, but she will try. Thanks so much for your participation, and GAME ON!