January 30th, 2014

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Signed Copy of Wolves & Witches: A Fairy Tale Collection

Originally published at Con or Bust by Amanda C. Davis and Megan Engelhardt. Please comment there ( comment(s)).

Cover image for Wolves and Witches
Cover image for Wolves and Witches
One paperback copy of Wolves and Witches, a collection of fairy-tale retellings, signed by both authors.

Witches have stories too. So do mermaids, millers’ daughters, princes (charming or otherwise), even big bad wolves. They may be a bit darker–fewer enchanted ball gowns, more iron shoes. Happily-ever-after? Depends on who you ask. In Wolves and Witches, sisters Amanda C. Davis and Megan Engelhardt weave sixteen stories and poems out of familiar fairy tales, letting them show their teeth.

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