February 23rd, 2014

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The auction’s over, now what?

Originally published at Con or Bust by Kate Nepveu. Please comment there ( comment(s)).

If the magic of scheduled posts has worked properly, this has posted at 5:01 p.m. Eastern time on Sunday, February 23, 2014, and Con or Bust’s 2014 auction is now over.

Did I Win?

Winning bids are the high bid that was published to comments on or before 5:00 p.m. today (which is to say: if you’re seeing this post, it’s too late). If there is a tie, the first comment published is the winning bid.

This is a purely mechanical determination, so you shouldn’t need me to make a mod ruling, but in unusual cases or if you just want to be sure, feel free to comment at the post in question and I will come take a look. (If you’re commenting right after the auction closes, it may take a few hours for me to respond, because of dinner and kids’ bedtimes.)

If you can’t quite remember what you bid on, you can either search for the name you would have commented under in the sidebar, or you can comment here using the same email address you would have used for bidding and I will email you when the spreadsheet is sorted out. (There are literally two hundred auction items this year, so please be patient.)

I Won; What Do I Do Now?

Congratulations and thanks very much for bidding! You can pay with a PayPal account or a credit card (after you click the orange button below, click “Continue” on the left side of the screen, above the credit card logos). On the “review your donation” screen, please click “Add special instructions to the seller” and state what auction item or items this is for. (It’s fine to aggregate payments for multiple auctions. No-one’s ever run out of room, but if you do, just email con.or.bust@gmail.com with the information.)

Other things that should go in the “special instructions” field: (1) if your email address is different from the one you used to comment; (2) if you DON’T want your PayPal mailing address to be used to ship your item to.

Once you’ve paid, you will get an email acknowledgment of your payment and I will notify your seller. Important note: this year, these emails will come from con.or.bust@gmail.com, because the wonderful Yoon Ha Lee is helping me with some of the administrative tasks, so be on the lookout for that address.

I Offered Something for Auction; What Do I Do Now?

Thank you for offering something! Just wait until you get email from con.or.bust@gmail.com, letting you know that your winner has paid and providing you with their contact information. Then make whatever arrangements are necessary!

If you can’t quite remember all the things you offered, you can use the drop-down menu in the sidebar titled “Find Posts by Author.”

Finally, I mention this only because some people have asked if they could do it in past years: if bidding was vigorous, you may, where practical and in your sole discretion, offer additional items to people with the high losing bids or who got their bids in late. But that would be an entirely optional exercise of extreme generosity on your part—which means, bidders, don’t importune or I will frown disapprovingly at you over the Internet.

I Need Help!

Comment here or email con.or.bust@gmail.com. (After 90 days, I will close comments on posts to reduce comment spam, but I want people to be happy with their auction experience, so I will always be glad to hear from you by email. Update: comment spam has been very vigorous, so I’m closing comments on individual auction posts and leaving them open on the end-of-auction posts.)