February 16th, 2016

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Request assistance now for SFF cons (including memberships, hotel rooms for Worldcon 75)

Originally posted at Con or Bust by Kate Nepveu. All comments must be made there.

From now through February 25, 2016, Con or Bust is accepting requests from fans of color/non-white fans to attend upcoming SFF cons.

This includes assistance to attend Worldcon 75, 9-13 August, 2017, Helsinki, Finland. Worldcon 75 is the annual World Science Fiction Convention for 2017. Its Guests of Honor are John-Henri Holmberg, Nalo Hopkinson, Johanna Sinisalo, Claire Wendling, and Walter Jon Williams.

Worldcon 75 has donated 25 attending memberships and 25 hotel room nights to Con or Bust. Please note that Worldcon 75 will be selecting which hotel(s) the rooms will be at, and it is unlikely that the rooms will in the hotel that is attached to the convention center; however, all Worldcon 75 attending members will receive a free public transit pass for the city of Helsinki with their membership.

To request memberships and hotel room nights for Worldcon 75, or other assistance to attend Worldcon 75—or any other upcoming SFF con!—please see the Request Assistance page. There are also many other cons that have donated memberships; please check out the Upcoming Cons page for the full list.

Please spread the word!