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About Con or Bust

As of February 2013, Con or Bust is now located at http://con-or-bust.org/. You can find the current version of this page at http://con-or-bust.org/about/.

Con or Bust helps people of color attend SFF conventions. It began as a response to RaceFail '09, when people of color expressed the desire to help each other attend WisCon (a prominent feminist SFF convention). We ran an auction and took donations, and through the generosity, hard work, and good will of a lot of people, raised enough money to help nine fans of color attend WisCon (2009 final report). Subsequently, the Carl Brandon Society agreed to take over the financial management of Con or Bust, allowing it to become an ongoing project.

In 2010, we raised $6,183.89 and helped thirteen people attend WisCon. In early 2011, we raised $9,338.95 and helped sixteen people attend WisCon.

After the 2011 auction, Con or Bust expanded to help people attend the SFF cons of their own choice. From July 2011 through the first quarter of 2012, we helped nine people attend various cons. Learn how to request assistance.

For current activities of Con or Bust, you can always check the community profile or the community's front page. And you may make a donation at any time:

The Carl Brandon Society is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, and therefore donations to Con or Bust are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Con or Bust is principally run by Kate Nepveu.

Please feel free to leave any questions here, or e-mail knepveu@steelypips.org.

Updated February 20, 2012.

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