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How to Browse Auctions

As of February 2013, Con or Bust is now located at http://con-or-bust.org/. You can find the current version of this page at http://con-or-bust.org/auction/.

There are four ways to browse auctions.

  1. For 2012, magpie49 did the heroic job of creating an index by category.
  2. You can look at categories by reviewing the list of tags for what is marked "offer:". Starting in 2011, all auction items are also tagged with the year (e.g., 2012 auction).
  3. You can look at the subjects of all posts for a given month by going to the calendar and clicking on the name of the month. In 2009, Con or Bust ran in March and April; since then, it has run in February and March, with some offers being posted as early as January.
  4. You can just keep clicking "Previous 20 Entries" at the bottom of the front page.

(Auctions are unfortunately not searchable at this time. But if you can't find something you really want, why not request it?)

Tags: info: auction, info: how-to

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