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How to Request Assistance


The new procedure is here.

Updated March 18, 2011.

Are you a fan of color who wants to go to WisCon 35 in 2011, but needs assistance to do so? Con or Bust is raising funds for you: to raise services and money so you can go and be your own awesome self, doing whatever you would normally do at WisCon.

Two preliminary notes:

First, Con or Bust is not a scholarship or otherwise something that might be called "merit-based." If you're hesitating about seeking assistance because you don't have a doctorate / published novel / heartfelt and novel theory about racism and feminism / popular blog / whatever, don't. If you're a person of color, you want to go to WisCon, and you need assistance to do so, Con or Bust is for you. (And if you have previously received assistance, you are not automatically excluded from receiving it again, though prior assistance will be relevant if we have to prioritize among requests because of insufficient resources.)

Second, Con or Bust is a gift from members of fandom to each other. (See the about post for background.) Before requesting assistance, please be sure you (a) really want the gift, (b) can accept it (barring unforeseen emergencies, of course), and (c) are not abusing the good will of those offering.

As of March 18, 2011, we have significantly more requests for assistance than we can presently fund. I am therefore no longer accepting requests because there is effectively no chance that additional requests would be funded.

Comments to this post are screened because in 2010 it was used to take requests for assistance. If you have general questions, look for this year's announcement post.

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