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Con or Bust is looking for a WordPress plugin developer

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Con or Bust is looking for a WordPress plugin developer to improve an existing plugin that allows readers to submit blog posts. I suspect the modifications will be small—or, rather, I can’t afford large modifications, so if they are, I will simply live with the inconveniences.

Details of the work that’s desired are behind the jump. If you are interested, please email me at knepveu@steelypips.org with (1) a brief description of your experience and qualifications; (2) your assessment of the difficulty and scope of the project; and (3) your requested fee. (If you’d like to volunteer, that would be delightful, but I am willing to pay competitive market rates.) Please note: I need this work completed within a month at the very latest.

I am particularly eager to hear from developers who identity as members of groups that are underrepresented in coding. Please spread the word!

The Current Plugin

The principal way Con or Bust raises funds is an annual online auction conducted through posts on this blog. People may offer things for auction by submitting a post to the blog through the Submit an Auction page (which has temporarily been turned back on for demonstration purposes only).

The plugin takes posts that are submitted through the form and places them in a separate plugin-managed queue for approval or disapproval. Before approving a post, blog administrators may edit the body of the post and its category. Approving a post moves it into WP’s Posts tab as a Draft. The submitter is assigned as the post’s author (in a “contributor” role, so that they do not have choose a password and do not have editing access).

The plugin also sends three emails: one to the submitter upon submission; one to the blog administrator on submission; and one to the submitter upon approval from the plugin queue, with a link to their post.

(Here’s a text file with the principal code.)

Desired Changes

These are the improvements I’m interested in, from smallest to largest.

  1. The ability to set a default post category.

  2. Send the “your post is live at this link” email when the post is actually published by WP, not when it’s moved out of the plugin’s queue. (Alternatively: remove this email entirely, and I use a slightly-less-desirable general plugin.)

  3. Permit submitters to use the rich text editor that comes with WP.

  4. (The big one:) Integrate image uploads with the post submission form, so that images uploaded by users are categorized as “Uploaded to this post.” Currently, if people don’t want to use separate image hosting, they upload images through a different plugin, which all get dumped into the Media Library. Sorting out which images go with which post is often a pain in the neck, and thus combining the two would be a significant time-saver.

If anything here is unclear, please let me know and I’ll do my best to clarify.


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