Katharine B. (katharine_b) wrote in con_or_bust,
Katharine B.

Offer: 'Alcestis' signed hardcover

Item Name & Description: Alcestis hardcover, signed (ISBN: 1569476179)

Alcestis is my first novel, just published by Soho Press. The novel is historical fantasy, a retelling of the myth of a Mycenaean queen known for sacrificing her life for her husband's and going to the underworld in his place.

I can sign it or personalize it however you like.

'Alcestis' cover

Starting Bid: $15 (bidding opens Wednesday, February 24)

Notes: Will send via USPS media mail to the US only, and will mail before the end of March.
Tags: offer: book, offer: signed item, please note limitation in offer
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