Every knot was once straight rope (craftyginny) wrote in con_or_bust,
Every knot was once straight rope

Offer: handknit socks or armwarmers

Offer: I will knit one pair of socks, armwarmers or similar-sized item in consultation with the winning bidder. Here is a sample of my work, including last year's auction winner modelling her socks.

Delivery: Last year's socks were delivered in time for WisCon. Unfortunately, due to various circumstances, I can't promise that this time, but I will try. I will commit to having them finished and on their way by mid-June.

Note: Those with large feet are welcome to participate in the auction.

Minimum bid: $15. (Bidding opens Wednesday, February 24)

Here is last year's offer for reference: http://community.livejournal.com/con_or_bust/3420.html

ETA: I have a cat, and I'm a terrible housekeeper. I'll wash the finished object before sending it, but it will have been exposed to fur.
Tags: offer: clothing, offer: knitted goods, offer: knitting, offer: socks
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