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Announcing Elections for Con or Bust’s Board of Directors!

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In March, Con or Bust’s Board of Directors will be electing up to four members to the Board, for terms of up to three years. Anyone can be a candidate; if you are interested, or if you want to encourage someone else to run, please read on for more information.

What’s the Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors runs Con or Bust, Inc. At present, the Board chooses to have day-to-day affairs handled by the Secretary/Treasurer, with the Board supervising and advising. The Board currently has five members: Zen Cho, Tanya DePass, Kate Nepveu (Secretary/Treasurer), Mark Oshiro (President), and Diana Pho. Zen and Mark’s terms expire at the next annual meeting, which will be held in March (date forthcoming).

The Board is governed by by-laws and a conflict of interest policy, and by the laws applicable to not-for-profit corporations in New York State. In particular, Directors may not receive assistance from Con or Bust while serving on the Board or for one year after their service ends. Directors also receive no salary or compensation for their service.

How many open seats will there be?

Four seats, even though only two Directors’ terms are expiring. Under the by-laws, the Board can have between three and seven members, and at each annual meeting, the Board holds an election for the maximum number of empty seats.

How are Directors elected?

A candidate is elected if they receive a majority vote of the Directors whose terms haven’t expired.

How long do Directors serve for?

The default term is three years. A Director can agree to a shorter term, in order to stagger when Directors’ terms expire.

I’m interested. How do I become a candidate?

Great! Please send an email to katenepveu@con-or-bust.org that says who you are, why you want to serve on Con or Bust’s Board, and what you’ll bring to the Board if elected. Also include a statement under the conflict of interest policy after reviewing the list of entities with which Con or Bust currently has, or has had, commercial relationships with. Please submit this by March 3, 2017.

Please note that while the public does not elect Directors, Con or Bust is committed to transparency, and therefore candidates’ statements will be made public before the Board’s meeting.

The Board may ask candidates follow-up questions in writing before the Board meeting, or may ask candidates to attend the Board meeting (held via Skype, date forthcoming).

I have another question.

Please leave a comment or email katenepveu@con-or-bust.org.

Thanks for reading, and please spread the word widely!

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