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Con Or Bust: Helping Fans of Color Attend SFF Cons

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Offer: limited edition of Moonheart by Charles de Lint
Dark Simpsons Anne
netmouse wrote in con_or_bust
Item Name & Description: Deluxe Limited Edition Hardcover of Moonheart by Charles de Lint

This is the gorgeous limited edition hardcover put out by Subterranean Press that is illustrated by Charles Vess. It is signed by both de Lint and Vess and was released to celebrate Moonheart's 20th anniversary.

Deluxe Limited Edition -- features black-and-white illustrations and page decorations by Charles Vess, and eight full-color, full page plates tipped into each copy. It is bound in leather and cloth, slipcased, has full-color endsheets, an illustrated signature page, plus an extra section of working sketches by Charles Vess. The Deluxe Limited Edition was strictly limited to 400 numbered copies signed by both the author and artist.

All editions that Subterranean Press was offering of this book sold out long ago (it was released in 2004). This is not a numbered copy of the deluxe limited edition, it is a personal copy (lettered: pc) I got through my work for Subterranean that I am donating.

It is in perfect condition.

Starting Bid: $30

Notes: bidding starts on Wednesday February 24

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I have already bugged ewanmcnay about this in another post, so: he bid $35 in an unthreaded comment below.

$40. (Please keep any additional bids in this same thread.)

Woohoo! I win :-). Which is good because I could not check back in until now, and didn't check that we were on Eastern time for ending :-/

*sniffs sadly* congrats. I'll be over there, pouting ;)

Congrats! Kate is probably sending out instructions to winners but I should mention I'm leaving for the UK in two days so if you want your book before mid-April, please get your donation to Kate ASAP and email me your address at akgmurphy at gmail.com . once she confirms your donation is received I will drop the books in the mail.

OK. I'll go ahead and pay for the two I know I won, and I can always catch up if Kate finds another :). Should be to you in <5 in. Enjoy the UK - I've been gone for 16 years now, and still miss it..

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