scalzi (scalzi) wrote in con_or_bust,

Offer: Signed chapbook of the French language version of "After The Coup"

Item/Description: 32-page softcover chapbook of "La diplomatie en trois rounds," which is the French language version of my short story "After the Coup," signed.

Starting Bid: $10

Notes: This chapbook was printed by L'Atalante, my French language publisher, as a giveaway at French, Belgian and Swiss bookstores. There are very few of them available in North America (indeed, I think I have most of them over here), which makes this something of a collector's item, at least on this side of the Atlantic. The chapbook is signed and I'll be happy to personalize it for the winner. I'll also cover shipping within North America.

Warning: This version of the story is in French. Don't want that to be a surprise. The original, in English, is available at the site.

Reminder: Bidding doesn't open until Wednesday, February 24th. Do not bid until then.

Tags: offer: chapbook, offer: french language, offer: signed item

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