deepforestowl (deepforestowl) wrote in con_or_bust,

Offer: Fanfiction

Item/Description: I will write a piece of fanfic of at least 1000 words in one the following fandoms/pairings of your choice:

Battlestar Galactica: Adama/Roslin, Adama/Cottle, Cottle/Roslin, Adama/Roslin/Cottle
Sherlock Holmes: Holmes/Watson
Dead Poets Society: Pitts/Meeks
V for Vendetta (movie): V/Evey
Fringe: Broyles/Sharp

Any rating and pretty much any scenario....I tend towards smut but also do angst pretty well.

Starting bid: $10

Notes: To be delivered as soon as I can manage it. End of term is always kind of crazy. My intention is to shoot for WisCon but if the muse and time allows, it might be delivered before then. ;) Giving me a good general idea of what you are and are not looking for is a definite plus.
Tags: offer: fanfic
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