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Con Or Bust: Helping Fans of Color Attend SFF Cons

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Introducing con_or_bust & the Wiscon FOC Assistance Program
mermaid yay
popelizbet wrote in con_or_bust

In conjunction with the Wiscon FOC Assistance Program fundraising effort, we are pleased to present con_or_bust, a fandom auction to support the program's sponsorships for fans of color attending Wiscon 2009.

What is the Wiscon FOC Assistance Program?

Started by kate_nepveu as part of fight_derailing, the FOC Assistance Program seeks to meet the needs of fans of color who would like to attend wiscon, but are unable to do so without some form of assistance. Assistance offered includes, but is not limited to, money for travel, a con membership, and/or lodging space. You can find more information about the project by visiting the announcement post.

How Can I Sign Up?

If you or someone you know is a fan of color who might benefit from this program, please check out the submission guidelines to submit a request for assistance.. Parties who request assistance are not identified to donors. The project will do its best to meet needs that might otherwise prevent you or someone you know from attending Wiscon in 2009.

How Can I Help?

If you have space to share in your hotel room or suite, or otherwise feel that you can assist in this project, please take a look at the list of requests. Please let kate_nepveu know if you are able to meet the need for a space request.

Donations will be accepted through Paypal, Amazon gift checks, as well as check or money order. More info about donation options is available in the con_or_bust userinfo under "How Do I Pay?".

Any donations in excess of requests will be donated to the Carl Brandon Society.

Also, donations of items and promotion for con_or_bust are needed.

What's Con_Or_Bust?

con_or_bust, the fandom auction in support of this initiative, will begin March 18 and continue until April 11 or until all needs are met.

Please sign up for con_or_bust and encourage your friends to do the same, as we are already attracting offers of CDs, jewelry, and other goodies. Lots of good things will be on offer and you don't want to miss it!

We still need donations of auction items. Fanfic offers, editing and beta assistance are encouraged along with tangible items. All donations of funds or auction items, no matter how small, are accepted. Those who wish to do fixed-donation offers are also invited to participate.

Auctions may be posted now as a preview. Please review the auction template for details on posting your auction.

More information about types of offers, how to bid, etc. is available in the community userinfo. For ideas on what you might be able to offer, you can check out the vast array of things that have been offered in previous fandom auctions such as livelongnmarry or saveours00j.

Where Can I Find Out More?

Please feel free to contact popelizbet for any questions regarding the auction. Questions regarding aims of the project? Read kate_nepveu's original post about the idea, or visit fight_derailing for more info.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give! Please feel free to repost this wherever seems appropriate.

ETA: Since Rich Text copying makes for borked html, doctoreon added the code here for easy reposting.

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What should the last date possible for close of auction be?

Thank you! And thank you for doing this. :)

My apologies for responding without checking with kate. Thank you for participating!

The auction is being announced as ending 4/11 per kate_nepveu, so I assume that's the latest close date available.

Sorry, I missed the 4/11 date in the userinfo--I've fixed that now, and did I say that anywhere else? I've always meant April 13.

(Though I can't edit this post, obviously.)

Edited at 2009-03-14 09:01 pm (UTC)

I have to wait 5 days to start bidding? Noooooo..


Aww! Well, we hope the days pass quickly...and that you'll tell your friends!

I suggest you put the basic info as a sticky post that comes up first, so that new people know what's going on and how to bid, etc.

Will be posting auction item/s as soon as fuzzies clear from brain cells.

Blessings to all -- this is a wonderful project!


...do you know how to do a stickypost? I looked it up and LJ gave me a bunch of mess I didn't understand.

Try the mods for helpvera, dsmoen or rose_lemberg. I'm not sure if one of them or another person did the sticky post, but they'll know.

Oh, thanks bunches. I know omnisti got it to work for saveours00j, but he's been out of commission for the past couple of days.

Updated payment instructions

Please note that the how-to-pay has been updated; see the comm userinfo for the most recent instructions.

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