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beloved of monsters and women made free

Offered: Customizable Fudge

Hey y'all!

I, the popelizbet, offer to you, the gracious, gorgeous and lovely supporters of this 2nd Annual Con Or Bust Auction, 2 1-pound lots of homemade fudge from my very own personal kitchen.

"What is the starting bid?"

Each lot starts at $15.00.
Should bidding on any lot go over $45.00, the winner will receive TWO pounds of fudge, which may be separately customized.
There will be other incentives if bidding increases significantly past those increments.

"Why is this fudge customizable, Lizbet?"

This fudge can be made with any two of the following embedded in its chocolatey goodness: nuts (your choice, within reason), chocolate chips, butterscotch chips. I like it with pecans and semi-sweet chips in. But we will work out together what you'd like, if you win!

"How do you get chocolate chips to stay solid in fudge?"

It's a secret I learned, indirectly, from the cook in the night kitchen at Unseen University.

"What-all is in this fudge, Lizbet? I need to know if I can eat it due to $DIETARYRESTRICTION."

The base recipe for this fudge, before customizing, contains: confectioner's sugar, cocoa, butter, milk, salt, vanilla [usually artificial]. I have never attempted to make this recipe with vegan substitutes; I cannot guarantee the results but will try if you ask me to. If you have questions about your particular dietary restriction as regards any ingredient, such as needing me to check for soy or whey in dry ingredients, please check before bidding by private message, or comment not in the bidding thread.

Those with nut allergies should note that I cannot guarantee access to a nut-free kitchen, although I will do everything in my power to avoid cross-contamination in the event that one of my winners or their household has needs in that regard.

"What exactly am I bidding on, when will I get it, and who can bid?"

Bid for a 1-lb lot of fudge in one of the two bidding threads below by response to the last bid comment in that thread. Misplaced bids will be screened and the bidder will be asked to re-bid in the appropriate thread.

This auction will end Wednesday, March 10 at 11:59 PM EST. (This is prior to the con_or_bust general auction terminus date; please make a note.) The winners will be notified by response to their winning bids and their customization preferences requested at that time.

I will ship your fudge to you anywhere within the continental U.S. at no cost. (International bidders will be asked to bear the cost of shipping.) Shipments will go out during the week of March 15, 2010. If any winner would prefer hand-delivery at Wiscon to instant gratification, that is fine, too.

"But Lizbet. Is it delicious?"

I don't believe in creating candies or other foods that fall short of "delicious." :p Enjoy and happy bidding! See you at the con!
Tags: info: auction, offer: custom-made, offer: food, offer: fudge, please note limitation in offer
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