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Offer: Custom Carbon Steel Retaining Ring Necklace

Item Name & Description: Custom Carbon Steel Retaining Ring Necklace (with accompanying story fragment)

For weeks after the incident, the locals left piles of different sized components on the stone steps leading to her laboratory, with nice little notes about how she was a menace and a danger to society. Apparently the explosion had flung her creations about the countryside, and Wraptillion blushed and accepted their compliments along with her new fame. Really, people here were so kind -- not like those nasty crowds with their pointed implements in her last town. Perhaps she should think of some way to thank them...

Custom necklace made from matte black carbon steel retaining rings (unused hardware components), linked with your choice of: bronze, with a copper-plated clasp (shown); stainless steel jump rings, with a silver-colored clasp; or brass jump rings, with a brass clasp. Durable and elegant, with that ineffable air of technogeekery; a true statement piece for every mad scientist.

Starting Bid: $20


I do recommend making this style as a collar-length necklace to avoid tangling the rings. If you prefer a different style necklace, I could substitute a custom version of any of the necklace styles seen in my shop here for this one. Please contact me at wraptillion at gmail dot com for details or for any other questions; not all styles are available in all materials, but most can be made the way you want them.

I will pay worldwide shipping for the winning bidder of this necklace, or hand-deliver at WisCon (as long as I have your specifications two weeks before the conference). I can ship it two weeks after you send me your Paypal donation verification and your custom specifications.

Thanks for bidding!

ETA: I have added a pair of earrings and a bracelet to the auction too.
Tags: offer: jewelry, offer: necklace, offer: technogeekery
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